Traunstein wimmelt in Numbers

Official registrations: 477
Completed model releases: 622
Helpers in the six weeks before: 1 (Thanks Veronica!)
Helpers in the 2 weeks before: 5
Helper on 14th of April 2013: 62
Total data volume of "Traunstein wimmelt" 19.4 TB
Total time (without extras & Helpers): about 450h
Pizzas in the preparation phase: 32
Beers during the brainstorming: 64
Pictures used: 748 RAWs
Photoshop file size: 248GB
Time to open: approximately 50 minutes
Time to save: almost 3 hours
Livestream in the event's website: 3 x 4 hours of HD
Size of the temporary file: 1.2TB
Medium for the temporary files: external RAID0 drive (4 x 500GB SSD Thunderbolt)
Used Nespresso Capsules: 242
Emails during the planning phase: 7211
Gummi Bears 3 bags
Size: 96.428px x 88,596 px (8.1 m x 7.5 m @ 300dpi)
Gigapixel: 8:54 Gpx
Number of images in the zoomable image: 174,792
Size Online: 1.94 GB
Camera: Nikon D800 (36Mpix)
Lens: Nikon AF-S Nikkor 400mm f/2.8 G ED VR
Motion Control: DIY (precision about 0.003 °, 2 x 0.9 ° stepper motors, each 110ncm for Pan & Tilt in 1/256-Microstepping)
Tethering: Helicon Remote for MacBook Pro RAWs directly on SSD and on a Synology 4-Bay HDD RAID
Removal of the perspective error & first stitching: Kolor Autopano Pro
Export of Kolor: Single-PSB files (export level was not possible due to the required 26.6TB)
Assembling the PSBs: Adobe Photoshop CS6
Cookies: 2 packs premium blend, 1 with chocolate
Final Correction: Adobe Photoshop CS6 to 64 Parts
Post it to map the Scenes: 16 parcels in three colors
Blank lying nerves: What are the names numbers with 11 zeros?
Spent ink cartridges: 4
Average sleep time in the week before: 4:25 / person and night